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Tel Aviv Holy City guided tour with augmented reality

Course Price

110 NIS p.p

Course length

2 hours

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Tel Aviv Holy City guided tour with augmented reality


Henry Jakubowicz

About the course

Embark on an interactive Synagogue tour around Neve Tzedek and Florentine the “Old Jewish Quarter” of Tel Aviv, with a local guide and augmented reality technology

For many Tel Aviv is known as the "sin city" and SECULAR place. But, not long ago, Tel Aviv was actually a major religious and spiritual center of Israel, where many famous rabbis and orthodox Jews used to live, learn and pray.

Not many know this but Tel Aviv is today also the world's biggest "cemetery for synagogues" with over 750 of those in its territory in the past, and more than 500 buildings of them still standing today, and about 200 deserted and closed.

During our tour we will visit the picturesque neighborhood of Neve Tsedek and learn about some of the local synagogues that still remain there, each one has its unique history. Using augmented reality technology, we are able to bring history back to life and recreate those amazing moments in time.

Experience a historical Tel Aviv-themed walking tour across Neve Tzedek and Florentine.
Get to know the stories and people who lived, and prayed here in the last 100 years
View Augmented Reality artworks that have never been seen before

Meeting Point:
Hevrat Shas Street 7. Neve Tzedek (Tel Aviv)

2 hours

110 ILS per person (10% discount for online bookings)

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